Upcoming lecture February 1st 2017

Sustainable Gemstones

COCONINO ROOM 1:05 p.m. - 2:05 p.m.

Sheahan Stephen, Sheahan Stephen Sapphires, www.sssapphires.com

Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced

Sheahan Stephen, will cover the importance of sustainable gemstones in today's marketplace. He will define what sustainability is and give specific (pictorial) examples of the process that a sustainable gemstone company would follow in order to offer you a sustainable gemstone. He discuss who the current buyers of sustainable gemstones are and why they are specifically asking for gemstones sourced through this method, also discuss and answer if this is just a trend or if there will be longevity in this specific sector of our industry.

Lastly, Sheahan will cover which countries have a sustainable gemstone mining model in place currently and what questions to ask your suppliers when looking for sustainable gemstones.

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